sweet sugar
“Like... I don’t know, drinking alcohol, or being envious of what other people have, I mean how are you supposed to control that? Or other stuff you can’t control, like homosexuality or getting pissed off at your parents or that fact that bacon tastes really, really good.” It all spills out in a great rush, as if he’s not deliberately calculating each word and trying so hard to casually slip the most important one in like it carries the same weight as the rest. He doesn’t even know why he’s tempting fate like this. It’s going to blow up in his face.

"I’ll say this, though. There’s a space between following rules dictated by religion and finding peace within yourself.”

“If something feels right in your heart, don’t deny yourself whatever it is.” She looks up at him again at last, and her eyes are warmer than he’s ever seen them. “Because one shouldn't go through life like that - not by turning a blind eye to your own needs in favor of doctrine above all else. There has to be some wiggle room, or the world would have wiped itself out long ago.”

How In My Silence I Adored You
Chapter 5